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Bria’s Other Projects

After a few requests for me to post pictures of my other projects, I decided to make a page just for them. Enjoy

The Baby Blanket

The first project that I ever took a picture of is this baby blanket that I made for a friend. Somehow taking pictures of projects never really occurred to me until then! This is a simple wave pattern with the baby’s initials stitched into the corner. It is made of 100% cotton so that it is super washable.


The Burberry Scarf

The project that began some of my more difficult endeavors is this Burberry Scarf. Sean had gotten me a Burberry coat for Christmas, and since Burberry scarves are almost $200 for a yard of fabric, I thought “I can do that myself.” It is made of 100% cotton thread.


The Red Dress

Of course, if you came to my page to look at only one crochet project, it is most likely the red lace dress. I made the dress for my brother-in-law’s wedding. The process involved crocheting a few hundred lace motifs and netting them together. Like the scarf, it is made of 100% cotton. If you haven’t gathered yet, I love cotton, but it is actually a good weight for this sort of project.

This first picture is far from the first step, but it was the first picture I took of the motifs getting netted together. Actually, the strip on the far left has not been netted together yet in this picture if you are interested in what the motifs look like individually. I sewed all the motifs onto a thick white canvas so that they wouldn’t move around (did I mention how annoying it is to sew a hundred lace motifs onto canvas only to cut them off only a few days later?). I netted them together with crochet chains. This is a shot of the front of the dress in its three parts. I used an extremely modified sewing pattern to make sure it would fit like a dress and not like a potato sack.


After I finished netting the motif’s together, I netted the three strips together. Voila! We have a front of a dress.


Here is a picture of the final product. After netting the front and backs and netting them together, I spent almost a week making sure it fit well.

Here’s a close up of the top:


A shot of the back:


At the wedding:


Everyone asks what I wear under the dress because lace is see-through. I wore a black slip with no details on it. Wearing a different color could be cool to change the look (think turquoise?). The project took about 250 hours and took place over about 2 months. I thought it might be interesting to write out the process of making a dress like this. The technique is called Irish Lace. It came about during the Irish potato famine so that women could have something to do and something beautiful to wear that cost very little (mine cost about $30…not including labor). I didn’t have a pattern for the crochet work, which is nice because I don’t really use patterns anyways!

  1. Crochet about 200-300 motifs of different sizes.
  2. Modify sewing pattern and draw onto canvas
  3. Arrange motifs onto canvas in a way that stays mostly within the lines of the pattern. You may have to make a few more motifs to make this work.
  4. Sew motifs into their place.
  5. Net motifs using a crochet chain.
  6. Cut off motifs from canvas.
  7. Line up the different pieces (ie. the middle and two sides of the front).
  8. Sew into place on canvas.
  9. Net together.
  10. Cut off from canvas.
  11. Line up front and back.
  12. Sew into place.
  13. Net together.
  14. Cut off from canvas.
  15. Try on and note any needed changes.
  16. Make changes (ie. raise neckline, make armholes smaller, make hemline longer, etc.)
  17. Sew buttons and crochet button holes.

Anyways, I know I spent a long time talking about this project, but I get a lot of questions about it so I thought I would let everyone know how I did it!

Mom’s Birthday Blanket

While this project did not require anywhere near the effort that the red dress did, I thought it had some interesting ideas and turned out very well. I used the Catherine Wheel pattern I think (I looked at some pictures and guessed about how you would make this pattern. I don’t like to spend the money to buy patterns). I put a scalloped border around the blanket, and then added a cute flannel backing. I like the idea of adding flannel to the back because, not only do I love flannel, but it prevents your toes from popping through the blanket, which I always find annoying. Once again, the project is made from 100% cotton.




So there you have it. I have made many more projects, but these are the most noteworthy and the only photographed ones. If you are interested in any of these projects or would like me to make anything for you, please leave a comment or email me at .

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  1. Christy permalink
    June 30, 2009 10:57 pm

    I still can’t get over that dress! Did your mom tell you I got some fancy brown cowboy boots with red embroidery all over them? They would go perfect with the dress! 😉

    All of your projects are so cute, clever and beautiful. You are amazing!


  2. Peggy Hall permalink
    July 1, 2009 4:10 pm

    You are so amazing, I saw your site on Ashley’s and have been trying to get some ideas for her new townhome. I had no idea you were so talented.

    Martha, move over.



    p.s. Tell your mom I miss her.

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