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A Little Goes a Long Way

November 1, 2009

A recent trip to HomeGoods has turned this bathroom from nice, but slightly cold, to bright and inviting. For those of you who are not aware of HomeGoods, it is the home decor sibling of T.J.Maxx. I’ve consistently found cool stuff there at good prices. Four strategically chosen pieces have turned our new bathroom into this:


The four items include:

1. Flower arrangement: $14.99. I like flowers in every room. But, real flower arrangements can get pricey and the genetic black thumb prevents live flowers. So I stick with the fake ones (but, of course, refrain from planting them in the ground).

2. Wall Art (Set of 2): $19.99. I like that I can mix up the colors of the bathroom and keep the art the same.

3. Oil Diffuser: I chose one that matched the color I wanted in the room. I feel like a scented oil diffuser makes sense in the bathroom. No elaboration needed.

4. Green Glass Cotton Ball Holder: I don’t really use cotton balls, but I thought I could keep bobby pins and rubber bands in there. It’s always good to have designated storage spaces. Particularly pretty storage spaces.

Here’s a close up on some of the smaller items.


It’s definitely starting to feel more like home. Don’t underestimate the small items!

Also, a number of people have asked about our closet. Keep checking back to see where our clothes are living now!

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  1. Grandpa Brandt permalink
    November 29, 2009 9:35 pm

    Excellent bathroom remodel – very creative decor and bright and cheery. So nice you need a welcome sign on the door

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