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Before: Master Bath

September 8, 2009

Ok, it’s been a while again. But it has been for good reason. Remember a few months ago when I wrote this post about how I would like our home to eventually look? One part of that plan has been on the top of our list ever since we moved into this house in Spring 2007. Our bathroom is 5′ x 7′. And I don’t want to knock that because I know that millions and millions of people live with that size bathroom or smaller. But it was poorly designed (including a door that somehow manages to open INTO the bathroom). Sean and I couldn’t stand in it at the same time, which is a problem when we are in a rush to get our the door. And, hey, let’s face it, with the real estate economy being the way it is, there is really no better time to put money into your home.

Seriously, take a look at this eye-sore.

Before Bathroom




I will admit that I am partly to blame for this bathroom. This color is certainly not attractive, and it is much too dark for such a small bathroom. If dark colors are slimming to wear, the same concept applies to walls. Not what you want going on for a small room. But I had tried to match the green, plastic vanity top that was here when we moved in. Clearly the masking tape that is holding the showerhead together is uncalled for as well. Spending 50 bucks on a new showerhead before remodeling the bathroom seemed pointless, though. Don’t you also love how the plastic, fake-tile shower insert stops a few inches before the showerhead?

So we started looking at contractors in June. (As a side note, don’t sign up for Service Magic unless you are cool with about 10 contractors calling you at all times of the day. ) But anyways, after seeing my aunt’s A-MAZ-ING bathroom remodel, I was totally sold. In fact, this contactor has been my grandma’s go-to guy for years. After getting a really good quote, we decided to bite the bullet and get going with the new bathroom.

Because I had been thinking about this bathroom remodel for a couple years now, I had had plenty of time to think about what my future bathroom might look like. I had found my ideal bathroom on a blog called Brooklyn Limestone. Their budget seems to be limitless (since the writer has mentioned that nearly all of her fixtures have come from Resoration Hardware…yikes!), but the look is gorgeous and actually fits the size/shape of our bathroom:

Bathroom with Basketweave

I love a vintage bathroom. And the frameless glass shower door and dark-wood vanity cabinet keeps it feeling up-to-date.

Keep checking back to see how things are going and check out all the good deals. Our contractor is really into us picking out our own things, which could be a blessing or a curse depending on how involved you want to be (or how much time you have and how much you like shopping). Fortunately, for a bargain hunter like myself, it’s a perfect match. I’ve already found some amazing deals, but you will have to check back soon to get the scoop!!!!

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