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My Favorite African Photos

September 1, 2009

I thought I would show some of my favorite photos that I shot while in South Africa. Not necessarily house related, but I want to get some of them framed soon! So without further ado:

An ocean shot while on Robben Island. Note Table Mountain in the upper left:

Splashing water watermark

The most gorgeous sunset I’ve ever seen (taken in Cape Town). Don’t you think it would look gorgeous framed and hung on a wall as if it was a watercolor?:

African Sunset Watermark

Or how about these regal Tawny Eagle photos that I took in Kruger National Park:

Tawny Eagle Watermark

Eagle Close Up Watermark

These Lilac-Breasted Rollers had me at hello. I actually called out to the driver to stop because they were so gorgeous. Yep, it’s the same type of bird, but one is taking flight (can you say AMAZING timing?):

Lilac Breasted Roller Watermark 2

Lilac Breasted Roller Watermark

Or how about these adorable penguins off the coast of Cape Town:

Penguins Watermark

This next picture is of a Kudu. I particularly loved how the angle of his spiraled horns mirrored the angle of the tree.

Kudu Watermark

And finally, we got up close and personal with a leopard. These animals are typically nocturnal, and our safari guide told us it was the closest she had ever been to a leopard.

Leopard Watermark

What do you think? I’ve always loved taking pictures of animals, and Africa has only increased that interest.

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  1. November 25, 2009 7:40 am

    LOVE Those rainbow birds!
    I just saw your site from your posting off of Martha Stewart/headboard. I’m a crafter too.

    I’m a photographer & have also been to Africa, & live around ATL…
    I say Definitely frame the Lilac-Breasted Rollers!
    If you print them at 8×10 or anything besides a 4×6, make sure you make the crop yourself instead of the printer/lab… bc it will either cut off the top or bottom.

    If you do the Kudu, make sure you put it onto a Photoshop white 8×10 first & keep the photo itself at 4×6.

    Great pics! đŸ™‚
    Jenny Fox Shain

    Congrats on the house

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