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Before and After: Guest Bedroom

August 28, 2009

There are likely some changes to follow, and I still haven’t finished the mirror, but I figured it was time to show some before and afters of the guest room!

Before the makeover, the room was affectionately refered to as “Donald’s Room.” Donald is, of course, our dog. So you can only imagine the state of the room. When we first moved into this house, my brother lived with us. He lived in a larger room towards the front of the house. So, I had made the current guest room into my craft room. I thought it would be fun to paint stripes….except I was too lazy to repaint the back color after repainting the rest of the house. So it remained yellow and I proceeded to paint bright pink stripes. Yep. I wish I could say that the before picture is mostly a result of the former owner, but, alas, it is not.



I will note that anything that was in the room at the time of remodel is in these pictures. Not much going for this room.

I wasn’t planning on totally remodeling this room. I had that 5 gallon bucket of paint (as seen in the pictures) out from repainting the bathroom. So I figured I would just go ahead and repaint that embarrassment of a room. It was not the easiest repaint in the world. Lots of spackling, sanding down the edge of the stripes, and realizing after 2 coats of paint that I needed to use primer. So 5 coats later, I thought I might as well keep working on the room.

And for the MUCH improved afters:




So what do you think??? At one point, the room was looking overly rectangular, so I was super excited when my mom picked up those magnetic butterflies from none other than Target. They are perfectly light for this small room and make the walls look so much taller.

How about the bedding that I already owned! On that note, let’s talk about how much this room cost. This site is all about finding good deals and using what you already own, so it wouldn’t be a complete before and after without talking about the price.

  • Paint: $0 (bought it last year in the 5 gallon bucket)
  • Door Headboard: $35 for wood and other small supplies. Door was given to me used.
  • Bookcases: $0
  • Decoration: $40 for souvenir eggs, $8 for Goodwill frames, $25 for Target Butterflies, $20 for lamp bases at Lowe’s, $4 for lamp shades

Total: $132.

Everything else was pulled from other places in our house! Never overlook the rest of your house when redecorating because, chances are, it is a little overcrowded in the first place.

What are your thoughts? Was it worth the $132 and few months of sweat equity?

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  1. Christine Case permalink
    September 1, 2009 5:53 pm

    Your guest room looks great! I can’t believe you did all that for $132. You should be on HGTV 🙂

  2. Christy permalink
    September 8, 2009 9:08 pm

    It looks wonderful! I think the butterflies were the perfect touch to fininsh it off, too. It makes the whole room look like it is about to take off.

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