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Not Your Average Egg

August 25, 2009

I knew going down to South Africa that ostrich eggs were a popular gift to bring home, but I did not expect them to be quite so big or so pretty! I managed to schlub 4 of them back to the US (despite customs swearing that they saw snowglobes in my carry-ons….because apparently that is a national emergency now). I finally got around to displaying them in the guest room. I mostly decided to display them there because it is one of the few rooms that the cats are not allowed and our china cabinet is currently out of commission.

Here is my absolute favorite ostrich egg:


It was the only florally egg that I saw, which fits my style a lot more than the more popular uber-shiny painted eggs with rhinos and elephants. Here it is in context with the bookcase in the guest room.


It somehow manages to pick up the colors of any room, and this room was no exception. LOVE IT!

Because I couldn’t decide if I wanted a carved or painted egg, I got one of both! Check out the carved egg on the other bookshelf:


And here it is on the opposite bookshelf:


I particularly like how the elephant that is carved into the egg flows with the white ceramic elephant on top of the shelf, which I got from my great-uncle. I think that the key to making the eclectic look flow is having some pieces that work well together. For example, the ceramic elephant mirrors the images on the egg, which matches in shape with the egg that I set on the other bookshelf.

I love nothing more than a really eclectic bookshelf, and these little bookshelves in the guest room are really shaping up!

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  1. Mom Hill permalink
    August 26, 2009 2:54 pm

    interesting to see where your new treasures are finding a home:-)

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