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African Curtain Pulls

August 20, 2009

…And we’re back! I got home from South Africa on Sunday and have had so much to do! But I don’t want to ignore you all for too long, so let’s take a look at one of the very cool ideas I saw while on the trip.

Curtains are definitely a nice addition to windows. Cheat them a little higher, and you get some instant height to a short room. Close them to sleep a little better. Add a print to a boring room. The possibilities are endless. But sometimes you want them tucked nicely away and curtain pulls can be a little…lame…for a lack of better words. I saw this curtain pull in Johannesburg and thought it was attractive and had some serious DIY/cheap potential.


This particular curtain pull was made from twine and rocks. Maybe twine and rocks don’t work in your house, but there are so many other materials you could use with the same effect. For example, a leather strand and large beads would look nice in a more traditional house or rope and sea-glass would look fabulous in a beachy house.

I, for one, don’t have any curtains…yet. However, the same concept would look great for a shower curtain! The materials are particularly great because they are more water resilient than cloth might be.

…More African inspiration to come!

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