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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

July 29, 2009

I know a lot of people wonder where I get my handiness….or more likely, where I get all those tools at only 22 years old. And there is a pretty simple answer: My dad! In fact, over the years, his penchant for buying tools has become a running joke of the family. But if you ever need a tool for, say, cutting a hole through a steel door, he’s got it. So I thought that after all my free tool rentals, I would do some sort of spotlight on my dad’s projects around my house.

1. Most recently, he installed this pipe onto the back of our house. The A/C pipe dripped down onto our siding and lovely deck causing some hopefully reparable damage.Now, it flows down the pipe and goes under our deck. Simple, but certainly very helpful.


2. Another simple, but extremely appreciated, fix at our house was the installation of a cat door. Because we have a steel door, this was more difficult than usual. Now the litterbox is in the garage. I think it might be the best $15 we have ever spent.


3. In the great repaint of this past year, my dad tackled the most difficult job…the stairwell Not necessarily because Sean and I couldn’t do it, but because our safety standards are slightly higher! Yep, if you look at that picture, my dad has the ladder propped on the wall with a piece of wood resting on the stairs and ladder.


4. Last, and certainly not least, is our amaxing deck. While our backyard requires a lot more work, the deck looks fabulous. He and Sean built in last summer. It’s a lot bigger, prettier, and sturdier than our previous deck. I particularly like the centered steps that will hopefully lead down to a stone patio eventually.



So there you have the DIY projects that I cannot take credit for. Thanks for all those fabulous additions that I could not, in fact, do it myself.

I wanted to say that this will likely be my last post for a couple of weeks. I am off to South Africa until August 16th, so between packing and being gone, home improvement is just unlikely. I can’t wait to see what souvenirs I can incorporate into my decoration. Stay tuned!!!!

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