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Headband Blooms

July 21, 2009

If you looked at my bathroom remodel post, you may have noticed a lovely purple orchid on the side of my bathroom vanity. Well, being that I was blessed with a black thumb, that orchid is no more. Here is it’s sad little picture from last night:


Ok, so maybe it’s not so dead, but it was making a leafy mess in the bathroom, and it has better chance at new life in my kitchen. Anyways, I didn’t want to just leave that spot bare, particularly because I haven’t found a piece of artwork for behind the toilet yet. So i decided to use the opportunity to solve one of my organization problems- my headband collection. The idea was inspired by J.Crew, who does something very similar in their stores (never underestimate where inspiration will strike!). Here is the finished product:


Here’s the overall effect:


Easy-peasy. Don’t you love it when function meets form?! Having a clear spot for your stuff is the easiest way to stay uncluttered, so try to create homes for things whenever you can!

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