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Turn the Other Way

July 13, 2009

Are you ready for the easiest transformation ever? Seriously, it took me about 30 seconds. If you are like me, you have quite a few books. I recently moved my books from in the den (because we wanted to make more room for DVDs..yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit it) to the guest bedroom. Because the room is so small, it felt a little overwhelmed by the books. Yes, the books often have gorgeous colors, but altogether it looks cluttered.


Colorful bookcases can be cool, but for some reason they didn’t work in this room. So, I turned the books around!!! I considered covering them with paper (think Bloomingdale’s brown bags), but if I added even one more book without covering it, the look would be thrown off. The Pottery Barn catalog even has a photo where the book covers are made of maps! Very cool. Here is the after photo of the bookcase:


The best part is that if you have an embarrassing book (…say a preteen novel about vampires), it is much less obvious that you have it! Check out the four books on the middle shelf on the right in this picture…no embarrassment anymore!:


Of course, this method obviously means you can’t read the titles without pulling out the books. This doesn’t bother me too much because I don’t reread books terribly often and I mostly know the size of the book. Maybe put the ones you like to read the most on top of the nightstand in a decorative pile. Also, if you have some especially nice looking covers, you can simply turn those ones around so you can see the binding or face it forward like Barnes & Noble does sometimes for a nice pop of color.

Because the books are not calling so much attention to themselves anymore, I have more decorating opportunities for the walls! What do you think? Can you find an easier project?!

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  1. Christy permalink
    July 14, 2009 4:22 pm

    As a librarian, I can honestly say…I LOVE IT! One of the only things I remember from when I was working on a Master’s in landscape architecture (yeah, yeah, another diversion) is that paths make people want to enter your garden. Nothing would make me want to pick up a book more than wondering what the heck it is. You may know which books are which, but for your guests it will be a treasure hunt. Perhaps you could put a couple of provocative titles turned the right way to really pique their curiosity. Maybe the readable titles would contain some coherent thought for your clever visitors to piece together. It’s just cool. Great idea!!! Now I’m thinking about turning all the books around in my library!

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