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My Bathroom China Cabinet

July 10, 2009

When my parents were over the other day, they urged me to write a post about one of my bathroom projects. I, like many people, had an outdated, ugly medicine cabinet. I tried my best to save it through spray paint, but alas, it was a goner. Take a look at the hideous front that previously adorned my medicine cabinet.


Don’t you love the shutter-like slatting and “fancy” scrolling on the top? Not my style. And after a few weeks of sprucing up my bathroom, it pained me to put that back on the wall.

I considered a few options. The medicine cabinet is not the mirror for the room, so I was not bound by the traditional mirrored cabinet. I thought about getting rid of the medicine cabinet altogether. But, not only would that be a long game of trying to match and smooth drywall, I was really in no position to forgo storage. I thought of finishing off the hole with molding for an open storage space (doesn’t it seem that my answer to anything is molding?). But the space isn’t that deep and I could just picture my cats sitting on the sink knocking things off the shelves.

So I headed over to my save-all store….Hobby Lobby. Luckily for me, pre-made picture frames were 50% off that week (which, if you aren’t familiar with Hobby Lobby, occurs every other week!). I picked up a lovely dark wooden frame that extended approximately a centimeter over the edge of my medicine cabinet…and, yes, I did bring my medicine cabinet with me to the store to make sure. All i had to do was screw the hinge of the medicine cabinet into the side of the frame (so it’s important to not get such a large frame that the hinges hit the glass part). After a few attempts at finding a cool picture for the frame, I decided the best option was to take out the picture! Now I am sporting something that resembles a china cabinet in the bathroom. To keep the door closed, I attached some adhesive magnets to the frame because the medicine cabinet is metal.



If you think you are too messy to try a style like this, I can say that it is much easier than it looks. Trust me, as I am notoriously cluttered. Find some containers that you would want to display and fill them with functional items. For example, I used a vintage gravy boat to hold all my hair accessories.

Do you have an ugly medicine cabinet? What have you done to make it work for you?

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