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The Next Step

July 8, 2009

When I look at the pictures from my previous post, there is certainly much to be desired. The room feels like something is missing…because there is a lot missing!

1. First of all, there is nothing on the walls. And by that I mean that I have actually attached nothing to the walls. Not even those pictures on the nightstands. I just propped those so it would look slightly less sad. I have a plan for two frames to go on the wall on the right. Those are a project on their own, so stay tuned!!!

2. Secondly, I am going to put a mirror on the left wall to reflect the window. I have a plain mirror sheet left from the bathroom reno (that’s what us in the “biz” call a renovation…and by “biz” I mean those of us who think they are clever but are mostly stupid) that I will likely use. Ideally, I would make a frame out of crown molding and then hang it on the wall. Another cool idea is using etching chemicals to make a cool design on the mirror. Wouldn’t these make some cool etched mirrors?

etched mirror 2

etched mirror 1

Another mirror idea that I love is placing a mirror above the nightstand with a lamp in front. Extra light would make the room look bigger (and bigger is definitely better in this 9.5’x9.5′ room). Avia

3. Speaking of lamps, that is the next change! I plan on checking out a local flea market for a set of lamps with personality.( I am particularly excited about this because we have a slightly boring ceiling fan in our house because it can get hot in the summer).So….Extra light? Check! Shapes other than rectangles in the room? Check! Vertical decorations to make the ceiling look higher? Check!

4. Sean and I have tons of memorabilia from trips and events that I can bear to get rid of. I found a fabulous idea on This Young House. I am gonna snatch some jars from the grocery store and fill them up with our “treasures.” Put a quickie tape label and you have some interesting decoration. I will likely put these in the bookshelf or possibly on top of the headboard.


5. I will do SOMETHING over the headboard. I am debating whether I want to treat the headboard like a mantle and rest a few pictures of different sizes on top….
pictures on mantle

…or whether I want to hang a few pictures above. I think it might be interesting to create a frame collage like this:

picture collage

Frames can get terribly expensive, so I may ditch both of these plans and find another idea, but you will have to wait!

So that is the plan! What do you think? Do you like the mantle idea or the picture collage? Do you have another idea for above the headboard?

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  1. kat permalink
    July 8, 2009 11:31 pm

    this always pops up on my mini-feed! anyway the aaron brothers closed a few months ago (and the frames were ridiculously cheap, but expensive looking) and i was talking to the girl, and she said the one on old alabama was closing this summer. just an idea to keep costs down.

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