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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

July 3, 2009

While browsing’s mirrors for inspiration, I noticed one very common theme. Nearly all mirrors were reflecting a window. Seriously, go look at their website.

Whether it is a wide mirror like this:

mirror 1

or a long mirror like this:

mirror 2
They are often pointing at the window. And this makes sense. In the home decorating world, the idea of a mirror is to make your room look larger and spotlight things you like about a room. So while you wouldn’t want to hang a mirror that reflects a dark, blank wall or even a TV, reflecting a window makes your room look brighter, which makes a room look even bigger. Plus, if what is outside the window is particularly attractive, you have an instant piece of artwork!

Notice how this mirror does nothing to make the room look larger because it is reflecting a dark, blank wall:

mirror 4

If you don’t have a window in the room, try to reflect something bright or pretty. Maybe you have a gorgeous chandelier or a cool piece of artwork, just make sure it is something you would want to see twice.

Looks like I will have to work a mirror into my 9.5’x9.5′ guest bedroom on the wall across from its one mid-size window!


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