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Through Rose Colored Glasses

June 26, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love flowers. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on said flowers, so I have usually gone without flowers in the garden. However, a friend recently told me about a seemingly magical section of Lowe’s. In the back of the garden center, Lowe’s sells clearance flowers! These flowers are dying and aren’t so easy on the eyes….for now.


Take a look at that price sticker. Your eyes aren’t fooling you. The price was $0.75 for a nice quart-sized pink lily. So why would I buy a dying flower? One word: Perennial! Perennial flowers come back every year, so for a mere $4.50, I will have a nice row of pink lilies next year.


A word to the wise: Steer clear from the flowers marked “annuals.” These flowers do not come back every year, and you will basically be planting a dead flower that will never revive.

Have any of you bought these clearance flowers? How did it turn out? Email some pictures to !


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