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Save My Bath

June 23, 2009

Speaking of that bathroom, let’s see some pictures!!

I didn’t take a before picture of the whole bathroom (boo!) because I didn’t realize when I started how big of a project I was going to make it. Ill try to paint a quick picture for you. Cracked yellow walls, dirty glass shower doors, outdated fixtures of all sorts (mirror, light, sink, shower), and boring white vanity. Here is the after photo.

There is one part that has a before picture. The vanity started out as a boring white, 1980’s vanity.

No handles, nothing exciting. Now let’s look closer at the after.

I installed beadboard to the recessed part of the cabinet doors. To do this, I simple wood glued the beadboard to a clean, slightly sanded door. I used wood filler to blend the beadboard to the rest of the cabinet. I primed and spraypainted the entire cabinet. To give the cabinet a more cottagey look, I glazed the cabinets. After giving the entire cabinet an all over glaze (rubbing off with a towel after applying the glaze), I applied another layer to the parts I wanted to stand out more. Here is a picture of the cabinet doors before and after glazing.

Love it! After finding some amazing deals, this bathroom was a very budget friendly project. I learned to do some things that I never thought I could do (installing a sink faucet and vanity light!)

By the way, if you are looking for some A-mazing deals on lighting fixtures, check out the Progressive Lighting Outlet. My light was much more substantial and higher quality than Lowe’s or Home Depot and cost only $39! Do you have any great deals to share?


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